Rod/Spar/Sail Tube -6″PVC-Box Rack Kit

The Rod/Spar/Sail Tube -6″PVC-Box Rack Kit is a rugged solution for storing fishing rods, sailboat spars, and sails on the Right-On Box Rack.  It is a bolt on accessory that is customer assembled.  This kit is for one side. NOTE: Sunfish Sailboat gooseneck fittings will not fit inside the 6″ PVC tube.



6″ PVC Tube kit for Box Rack

  • Kit includes Buyers 6 Inch Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kit plus brackets and hardware to mount to Box Rack
  • Perfect to store fishing rods, Opti, Laser sailboat Spars and sails
  • Lock and secure contents by adding a padlock to the pre-drilled tabs on carrier cap
  • Build to any length (Opti 8.5′, Laser 12′, ect.)
  • 6″ SCH 40 PVC pipe available locally from Home Depot or Lowes (sold separately)
  • Cast-Aluminum caps have easily access to contents with a spring-loaded latching mechanism
  • A neoprene gasket on the door seals the tube to keep the interior dry
  • This kit is for one tube.  Fits on either side of Box Rack
  • Customer assembled accessory for Box Rack (not Multi-Sport Rack)
  • Requires silicone sealant and pop rivets to  install cast-aluminum caps

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6 in